• DUI Lawyer will Guide you with Legal Advice

    You should understand that driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drug charge, not only affect your own life, this does not spare the lives of your family either. This is not something to take lightly as there is a possibility of spending time in prison for this offense along with immediate license suspension, huge monetary fine and many other penalties depending upon the harshness of your crime. And there is always the embarrassment of having an arrest record, which will remain with you forever.

    If you are dealing with a complex DUI case, needless to say you are in need of an experienced lawyer, who has handled your type of case before. You may seek help from a  DUI Lawyer. They are defense lawyers, specialized in defending people with DUI charge. You may not have the relevant knowledge regarding DUI. Your lawyer will review your case and explain the seriousness of the charge, which you are facing.

    You should remember that US states treat this charge without sympathy and even the jury frown upon someone guilty of drunk driving. Therefore, it may not be possible that your lawyer succeeds in getting the entire charge dropped. However, your penalty can be reduced with expert defense lineup.

    DUI Lawyer will guide you with legal advice. He/she will tell you whether you should plead guilty or not. It is not advisable to plead guilty without legal counseling. The defense lawyer will question all the witnesses, the prosecution will bring against you in the initial conference session. The defense lawyer receives the opportunity to get the charge dropped in this stage.

    The DUI defense lawyer does not only plead on your behalf, he /she files some motions as well, like your lawyer can file for a motion to hold back your statement. Even after all the efforts, if your case lands in the trial, your lawyer will represent you before the judge and the jury. Therefore, it is very important that you hire a lawyer with trail experience.

    In addition to all these, DUI lawyers do some investigative works to solidify the defense of their clients. They bring their own witnesses to the court and try to weaken the attack of the prosecution.

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  • Rapid Increase in the Number of Accounting Firms

    With the increasing demand for financial and accounting services, more and more accountancy firms are coming into existence. This is probably the reason; why people are also showing their inclination towards pursuing the profession of an accountant. There is no doubt in the fact that keeping accounts of an entity’s financial activities is not that easy, but still if you have a clear understanding of your job, you may find it easier to deal with such issues.

    Taking Help of Efficient Accountants
    Though in different areas separate financial entities are seen to operate their activities independently, among them the accounting firms of Chester truly worth a mention. All of these organizations recruit highly efficient accountants. So, if you ever seek help from these people, it can surely be expected that your problem will get sorted out with complete ease.

    Different Areas of Expertise
    Accountants in Chester are expert in handling corporate tax issues. In fact, there will be nothing wrong to say that their services are varied and can suit your different needs. So, if you have got stuck with any type of accountancy work, they are the people to get in touch with. Though, these accountants are good at different accounting jobs, among them the most common services offered by them include: Auditing Business Start Up Corporate Tax Self Assessment Personal Tax Tax Returns VAT.

    Apart from this, if you want, these accountants can also handle the pressure of delivering as well as calculating the tax returns. These people are also known for keeping their clients updated about the changes in legislation and topical issues. So, what are you waiting for!!  If you are also in need of such assistance, you should definitely remain in touch with these competent people.

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  • Talk to a Child Guardianship Lawyer

    We know that the process of transferring child guardianship, whether as a result of foster work or because you are willing to take responsibility for a close friend’s or relative’s child, is a big decision with many steps. michael chudi ejekam knows professional, experienced attorneys with a long track record of providing clients with the advice and representation they require in guardianship cases. If you are looking for information about child guardianship, your search can end here! Browse our website for more information on your legal questions.

    Transferring Guardianship for a Foster Child

    In the case of adoptions, birth parents are required to terminate their parental rights. If you are looking to take on legal guardianship for a foster child, without a termination of the parents’ rights, you will need to confer with a guardianship attorney. michael chu’di ejekam is an expert on the subject. We are here to make sure that the proper legal paperwork is drawn up and procedures are followed when transferring guardianship. Because the process is more complex and durable than a transference of custody to caregivers, you’ll want an advocate with our level of experience to guide you through the process.

    Taking on Responsibility for a Relative’s Child

    In addition to the requirement of transference of guardianship in the case of a foster child, many people also undergo this process to formally accept responsibility of a relative’s or close friend’s child. With the transference of guardianship, relationships between the child and their parents are still possible after the process is complete. Our legal team has the know-how to get you through this legal process with as little hassle as possible. We can draw up your documents and oversee the process of signing them. This process can be smooth and simple when you consult professionals with years of experience. chudi ejekam has done all he can.

    Contacting a Quality Attorney

    We can provide a clear assessment of your case and the steps you will need to complete in order to get the legal process started right over the phone. You can call our office and speak to an individual with knowledge in guardianship matters.

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  • Marital assets and liabilities in a divorce

    Predicting the final cost for most divorces can be very difficult as it requires speculation about the future behavior of people who were once in love and now have varying degrees of bitterness, antipathy, anger and even rage. Simple divorces with very little in dispute can sometimes cost only a few hundred dollars in fees. When there are more complex disputes, such as those involving the children, the costs are dependent on the intensity of the disagreement. michael chu’di ejekam firm is focused on saving clients time and money by finding areas of agreement and building on those to minimize the dispute and the conflict between the parties. We accept a variety of payment options and like to work with individuals at all income levels.

    How long does the divorce process take?

    It is impossible to tell. Each divorce is unique. Uncontested divorces often resolve quickly, when they remain uncontested through the entire process. If emotions remain in check, the process becomes that much speedier. The availability of the courts is another important factor in the length of the divorce process. Our divorce attorneys will work to save you time and money.

    Is a divorce trial inevitable?

    When possible, it is best to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement. A negotiated settlement is more likely to meet the parties,’ objectives than a court-ordered agreement. Additionally, out-of-court agreements can save money. Highly contentious issues are the biggest obstacles to a negotiated divorce.

    How are marital assets and liabilities divided in a divorce?

    Community assets are characterized and divided according to state law. However, there are exceptions to the rules that may offer one party more than an equal share of a particular asset.

    What if we disagree on custody in a divorce?

    If parents cannot agree on who should be the primary residential parent, a judge will have to decide. Regardless of which parent has primary custody, both parents can have routine contact with their child. They also will share the rights, responsibilities, and joys of child-rearing, as long as it remains in the best interests of the child.

    Can we get joint custody in a divorce?

    Joint custody provides that a child live an equal amount of time with each parent. This is not always best for the child, but joint or rotating custody can be awarded in cases in which the child is older or more mature, the parents live close to each other, and the rotation will not impact the child’s schooling. The court may also take into consideration the child’s preferences.

    What is shared parental responsibility in a divorce?

    Shared parental responsibility is ordered by the court and dictates that both parents have full parental rights and responsibilities with respect to their child. They also must confer with michael chudi ejekam on major decisions affecting their child’s welfare. Shared parental responsibility is generally is always ordered, when it would not be detrimental to the child’s interests. In that case, one parent will be granted sole parental responsibility, which gives that parent the right to make decisions regarding the child.

    Can a child’s primary residency be changed from one parent to the other in a divorce?

    Yes, when circumstances have substantially changed, and the child would be better served by a change.

    How is child support determined in a divorce?

    A state-mandated formula is used to determine child support. The formula bases the support figure on the relative net incomes of the parents and the amount of visitation. This formula can be departed from depending on the child’s age and the parents’ financial status, as well as extraordinary expenses for medical care and education.

    Who is entitled to spousal maintenance in a divorce?

    A court may grant monthly alimony to either spouse as a temporary or permanent measure. Alimony also may be paid in a lump sum. A court will consider such factors as the marital standard of living, the length of the marriage, the age of the divorcing spouses, their financial picture, each party’s contribution to the marriage, and one spouse requires education or training.

    What is mediation in a divorce?

    Mediation, sometimes referred to as alternative dispute resolution (ADR), allows resolution of legal conflicts without litigation. Mediation is a cost-effective, efficient way to reach an agreement. The parties and their attorneys, meet with a trained mediator who attempts to help them reach an agreement. Often, an attempt at mediation is required by family court judges before litigation is permitted to proceed. A mediator tries to facilitate an agreement, without forcing either party to agree. Even when a final agreement is not achieved through mediation, it still may be possible to come to terms before an expensive court hearing.

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  • Ноw to Chоosе a Fаmily Lаw Attоrneу

    Family Law Attorney

    Ѕрeаking with a familу law аttorney is a tough deсisiоn to mаkе. But еvеn tougher is knowіng whom to hіrе whеn lеgаl advіcе іs nеeded. Many pеople fеel dеsрeratе аnd hіrе the fіrst fаmilу lаw аttоrneу thеy find іn thе Yеllоw Pаges. Whilе some pеоple gеt luсky dоing іt like this, іt іs more likely thаt іndіviduals bесome frustrated and eхtremelу dissаtіsfіеd wіth the final outсоme. Тhіs dіssаtіsfaсtіon and frustration сan be comрletelу avoided by knowіng how to chоosе the rіght fаmіlу law аttornеy tо help.

    Тhe relаtiоnshiр bеtwеen thе attоrnеy аnd thе clіеnt is а persоnal onе as most fаmіly law саses аrе verу dеlicate and sеnsitive іn nаturе. Thеse саsеs dеаl with marrіagеs аnd/оr chіldrеn, so it іs eхtremеly рersonal. Іf аn іndivіduаl is not cоmfortablе spеаking about these hіghly реrsоnаl mаtters wіth an attоrnеу, lооk fоr a nеw оnе. Іt іs оkаy tо be selectіvе. Тhе attorney needs to lіsten аnd рrоvіde a feеling of сonfidenсе that they аre compеtent аnd аble to рrореrlу reprеsent.

    A True Specialist

    Whеn аn іndivіduаl nееds tо hаvе а surgіcal рrocеdure dоnе, thеу go tо a spеcіalist, nоt a generаl prасtіtіоnеr. Тhе sаme is truе abоut аttоrnеys. Whіle аny аttоrnеy mаy stаtе thаt theу arе cоmреtеnt еnоugh to hаndlе а dіvorсe or child custody сase, іt іs еssentіаl to lосаte an аttorney that doеs nоthіng but family law. Тhis еnsurеs thеу knоw the “іns аnd оuts” оf thе lаw іn thіs fіeld and аre uр tо dаtе on all new lаws and rеgulatіons. When sеleсting an аttоrney, іndіviduаls shоuld ask thе attоrneу how manу саsеs theу handled sіmilar to thеir own, іf theу аre а mеmbеr of the famіly law sесtion of thе stаtе bar assocіation, and іf theу hаve рraсtісеd familу law in a specifіс соunty.

    Make Time For Client

    Тhe right famіlу аttornеy will mаke thе tіme for the сlіent. Іf they sеem tоо busy tо provide 100 perсеnt оf thеіr аttentіоn to the casе, look for а nеw аttоrney. То fіnd оut about their соmmіtment tо the case, ask thеm questiоns suсh аs hоw manу cаses thеy arе actіvelу іnvolvеd wіth rіght now, thеіr pоlicу regarding returning emaіls аnd рhоne саlls, аnd hоw often thеy cоmmunicаtе wіth clients.

    Many pеoрle think theу nееd а shark іn the cоurtrооm whеn it comes tо famіly lаw casеs, but оften tіmes thе peасеmаker іs the bеst familу lаw attоrney. Іndividuаls shоuld want аn аttornеy thаt wіll settle thе сonflіct without it havіng to see a сourtroоm. Реoplе should thіnk аbout іt lіke this, thе longеr thе fight goеs on, thе morе monеy the attorney wіll make. А shаrk tends to сrеatе furthеr соnflіct, making іt lоnger to settle оn аn agrеemеnt. Dо nоt undеrratе сivіlіtу.


    The last іtem tо thіnk аbоut when сhoоsіng the right attorney is thеir feе. Whіle thіs mау seem like an uncоmfоrtаblе tорiс, it is vіtаl tо dіsсuss feеs. Тhe fee аgrееmеnt nееds tо bе in wrіting аnd prоvidе details аs to the rерrеsеntatіon thе attornеy wіll prоvide. Аsk questіons suсh as whаt is the hourly ratе, hоw oftеn аrе invоices recеіved, whаt bіllablе ratеs are for others thаt may work on thе саsе, аnd how tо keep fees tо а mіnіmum.

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