Talk to a Child Guardianship Lawyer

Talk to a Child Guardianship Lawyer
September 1, 2016 Aurora Sessions

We know that the process of transferring child guardianship, whether as a result of foster work or because you are willing to take responsibility for a close friend’s or relative’s child, is a big decision with many steps. michael chudi ejekam knows professional, experienced attorneys with a long track record of providing clients with the advice and representation they require in guardianship cases. If you are looking for information about child guardianship, your search can end here! Browse our website for more information on your legal questions.

Transferring Guardianship for a Foster Child

In the case of adoptions, birth parents are required to terminate their parental rights. If you are looking to take on legal guardianship for a foster child, without a termination of the parents’ rights, you will need to confer with a guardianship attorney. michael chu’di ejekam is an expert on the subject. We are here to make sure that the proper legal paperwork is drawn up and procedures are followed when transferring guardianship. Because the process is more complex and durable than a transference of custody to caregivers, you’ll want an advocate with our level of experience to guide you through the process.

Taking on Responsibility for a Relative’s Child

In addition to the requirement of transference of guardianship in the case of a foster child, many people also undergo this process to formally accept responsibility of a relative’s or close friend’s child. With the transference of guardianship, relationships between the child and their parents are still possible after the process is complete. Our legal team has the know-how to get you through this legal process with as little hassle as possible. We can draw up your documents and oversee the process of signing them. This process can be smooth and simple when you consult professionals with years of experience. chudi ejekam has done all he can.

Contacting a Quality Attorney

We can provide a clear assessment of your case and the steps you will need to complete in order to get the legal process started right over the phone. You can call our office and speak to an individual with knowledge in guardianship matters.


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